Rolling Flat Dies (DP, T-DP)

Flat dies produce external threads by cold forming. OSG offers customization in accordance to the required material and machinery specifications.

Thread Limit Gauge (LG): Ring

Used to inspect male thread. The passing side and stopping side make up a single set. The thread is considered to be acceptable if the passing side passes with ease and the stopping side does not cut in after two rotations. This gauge is also used to inspect the whitworth screw.

Taper Pipe Thread Gauge (TG)

Used to inspect taper pipe threads (R・PT). There is a notch on the side, and if the end of the screw is within the scope of the notch, it is a pass. This indicates the point of standard dimensions in the ANSI (NPT/NPTF), and there are 3-4 stage notches are installed.

Standard Thread Gauge (SG)

A gauge created in accordance with the basic profile of screws and standard dimensions. A plug gauge and ring gauge that fits one another perfectly comprises a single set. Can be used as a standard gauge (master gauge) and can also conduct inspection by directly using it on a male or female thread.

Plain Limit Gauge (PG, RG)

Also known as plug gauge. A gauge used to measure dimension of hole or axis. A type for inspection and construction exist. Ring gauges are custom made.

Friction Inspection Thread Gauge (LCG)

Gauge used to inspect the thread limit ring gauge (LG). Inspects whether or not ring gauge has exceeded the stipulated friction limit.

Standard Gauges (PG-M,RG-M)

Also known as the master gauge, it is used to set the dimension and serve as a standard for dimension for managing inspection of gauges and comparative measuring equipment (measuring equipment using cylinder gauge, micro indicator, atmosphere micrometer, dial gauge). Plug gauges (PG-M) are customized orders.

Special Gauges

Custom gauges are available for straight angle, deep-hole, etc. Contact your nearest OSG sales office for details.